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2012/13 was another year of progress for M&S, where a mixed trading performance was balanced by good progress in building our long-term foundations, in line with our key strategic goals.

We are implementing large-scale revolutionary change that spans our supply chain, stores, web platform and IT infrastructure – creating a sound base for sustainable future growth. However, our plans to transform M&S have not altered the values on which we were founded; our commitment to Quality, Value, Service, Innovation and Trust continues to set us apart.

Performance and dividend

In a difficult year, customers continued to place their trust in M&S. We delivered consistently strong results in our Food business, up 3.9%. Our executive team took decisive action to address areas of underperformance in our General Merchandise business and we began to see improvements in our operational execution and a reassertion of our quality credentials.

We made significant improvements to our UK operations: rolling out our new store concept across our estate, opening a new e-commerce distribution centre and strengthening our systems. Our Multi-channel business and our priority International markets grew strongly, supporting our strategic goals.

In line with our dividend policy, we remain committed to delivering consistent returns to our shareholders. This year we intend to pay a final dividend of 10.8p, unchanged from last year.

Governance and the Board

On joining M&S, I set out three clear priorities for the Board and we remain firmly focused on these key aspects. First, to debate and agree our strategy, holding the executive team accountable for its execution. Second, to ensure we have the most talented team to execute our strategy and that we plan effectively for succession. Finally, to set the tone of 'doing the right thing', supported by the appropriate governance structures and their effective implementation.

This year we set out some planned changes to our non-executive team. Having served on the Board since 2006, Jeremy Darroch will retire from the Board in June 2013. I would like to thank Jeremy for his significant contribution to M&S and his strong leadership of our Audit Committee. We welcomed Andy Halford as a non-executive director in January. As Chief Financial Officer of Vodafone for the past eight years, Andy has a wealth of valuable experience and will succeed Jeremy as Chairman of the Audit Committee from June. With continuity in mind, Steven Holliday agreed to stand for re-election at the AGM for a further year, before stepping down at the AGM in July 2014. By this time he will have served on the M&S Board for ten years and chaired the Remuneration Committee for almost five years.

After nine years, Steven Sharp, Executive Director, Marketing, is retiring from M&S. He will step down from the Board following the AGM and will continue to work in the business as Creative Director until 28 February 2014. I would like to thank Steve for the significant role he has played in shaping the M&S brand and reinforcing our quality, style and ethical credentials through numerous iconic campaigns.

As a result of this change, Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne will take over responsibility for marketing and will be put forward for election to the Board as Executive Director, Marketing and Business Development at this year's AGM. Patrick joined M&S in September 2012 as Director of Strategy Implementation and Business Development and has played a key role in the development of the new marketing strategy in womenswear.

This year, we made internal changes to strengthen our executive team on the Board. John Dixon was appointed as Executive Director of General Merchandise and after 26 years with M&S, has a proven track record in a variety of roles, most recently as Executive Director of Food. Former Director of Retail Steve Rowe is a proven retailer with 23 years' experience at M&S and he has succeeded John as Executive Director of our Food business.

How we do business

The founders of M&S understood clearly the importance of 'doing the right thing' to create long-term value. We continue their tradition of responsible behaviour through our comprehensive environmental and ethical programme, Plan A. To succeed over the long term businesses need to make connections with society and Plan A is our manifestation of that. It also makes sound economic, as well as moral sense.

Values matter in business – and we work hard to maintain high levels of trust and transparency with all our stakeholders – particularly across the supply chain. Operating our business in the right way has benefited us at a time when transparency of supply has never been more important to customers.

Plan A forces us to think differently and accept new ways of doing things. It's also influenced how we do business, enabling us to be open – both inside and outside the Boardroom – about our achievements and equally frank when we fall short of expectations or targets. Over five years since launch, the programme's values remain central to our long-term future and our connection with employees and customers.

Shareholder engagement

Taking shareholders with us on our journey allows them to see clearly the progress we are making. We held a number of investor and analyst events during the year, including a visit to Istanbul to see our international operations at first hand. We also held a briefing on our multi-channel re-platforming, hosted visits to our new flagship store at Cheshire Oaks and our new e-commerce distribution centre at Castle Donington. More recently, we held a briefing on our plans for our General Merchandise business. All of the information shared at these events is available to our shareholders at

As part of our commitment to share our progress, a preview of our forthcoming Autumn/Winter collection is enclosed with this report. We have compiled this exclusive edit for our shareholders, which I hope illustrates how we have listened and responded to our customers.

The Notice of Meeting that accompanies this report highlights a change of venue for our AGM. As part of our plan to make M&S a more efficient business, this year's meeting will be held at Wembley, which has the facilities to host all our large-scale events, both internal and external. It is also easily reached by public transport and we encourage all our shareholders, large and small, to attend.

Looking ahead

As we move into the third year of our plan we are fully committed to its execution. Though the retail landscape remains challenging, we are in no doubt that this is the right course.

The fundamental and revolutionary changes taking place to the infrastructure of M&S are essential. Our progress will become increasingly visible to our stakeholders, as customers experience the tangible benefits of the improvements we have made. We are confident that these changes will deliver a more valuable company.

Delivering and executing this level of change requires hard work, perseverance and most of all commitment. I am always impressed by the efforts of our employees – wherever they work in M&S – and I thank them sincerely for their contribution this year.

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Robert SwannellChairman