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Management Committee

This year we strengthened our Management Committee in order to sustain momentum in the delivery of our plan. Our executive team is ably supported by a group of high calibre individuals, whose credentials have been earned both within M&S and externally. I'm proud of the team that is driving our transformation of M&S forward.

The dedication and enthusiasm of all our people drives innovation across M&S and upholds the high standards of quality and service our customers expect. Their expertise and commitment was increasingly acknowledged and appreciated by our customers this year. Each employee plays a part in keeping M&S special and I offer my sincere thanks for all their efforts.

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Marc Bolland Chief Executive

  • John Dixon

    John Dixon

    Executive Director, General Merchandise

    Our new team listened carefully to customers and acted decisively in response to their comments. We are reasserting our style credentials and have created a confident, edited collection of the latest looks for the new Autumn/Winter season. We are also reasserting our quality credentials, with a renewed focus on delivering beautifully made clothing with a flattering fit.
  • Steve Rowe

    Steve Rowe

    Executive Director, Food

    In a year when trust has never been more important, we continued to deliver the exceptional quality food customers expect from M&S. Whilst they continued to depend on us for celebrations, we know that great food can make any occasion special. So we brought M&S' delicious food to the heart of everyday occasions – helping customers do more of their weekly shop with us and inspiring them with new ideas.
  • Steven Sharp

    Steven Sharp

    Executive Director, Marketing

    The unique level of trust our customers place in the iconic M&S brand has made it one of our strongest assets. Keeping in close touch with customers enables us to understand what matters most to them. With such a broad customer base, it's important that we ensure our campaigns stay relevant and inspiring – highlighting the fact that, at M&S, we offer something for everyone.
  • Alan Stewart

    Alan Stewart

    Chief Finance Officer

    This year we maintained our focus on careful cost management across the business and continued to look for new, more efficient ways of doing things. We continued to invest in the transformation of M&S into an international, multichannel business and we are changing our infrastructure to create a robust platform for long-term sustainable growth.
  • Laura Wade-Gery

    Laura Wade-Gery

    Executive Director, Multi-channel E-commerce

    Consumers' shopping habits are changing and we're changing with them. We continued to provide new and exciting ways for our customers to browse and buy, showcasing the very best of M&S' ranges and making more product available. By creating user-friendly experiences that are quick, convenient and inspiring, we've made it easier for customers to shop in the way they want with M&S.
  • Andy Adcock

    Andy Adcock

    Trading Director, Food

    Our priority is to give our customers the products they want, when they want them. During the year we worked hard to increase availability in our Food Halls and delivered a greater choice of product through better ranging and display. These improvements are supported by our informed shop-floor employees – who share their knowledge of M&S Food's quality and innovation with our customers.
  • Sacha Berendji

    Sacha Berendji

    Retail Director

    In a challenging trading environment, great customer service matters more than ever. We've worked hard to equip our employees with the knowledge and skills they need to help customers, bring our new store format to life and provide a great shopping experience. We've also improved the way we obtain customer feedback, enabling us to understand more of what matters to them and respond faster.
  • Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne

    Patrick Bousquet-Chavanne

    Corporate Director of Strategy Implementation and Business Development

    Innovation is one of the values upon which M&S was founded. We are constantly looking at new and exciting ways to enhance our offer across our Fashion, Home and Food ranges. Our clear focus on creating original products, unique experiences and new global retail concepts will ensure we maintain our reputation for innovation – maximising the impact and value of the M&S brand.
  • Clem Constantine

    Clem Constantine

    Director of Property

    We aim to ensure that our stores are in the most convenient locations possible for our customers. Our approach is to create and develop true community stores with sustainability incorporated as standard – as exemplified by our new Cheshire Oaks flagship store. Our successful Simply Food format is increasingly popular and is an important part of our estate development programme.
  • Tanith Dodge

    Tanith Dodge

    Director of Human Resources

    We are focused on ensuring we have the right people with the appropriate skills to help us achieve our ambitions. This includes developing talent and building the right capabilities across the business to steer M&S in the future. We use a variety of communication channels to maintain dialogue and ensure that each employee is engaged in our plan and understands the role they play.
  • Steve Finlan

    Steve Finlan

    Director of International Operations

    We are now operating as a more international business. Combined with central planning, we use local knowledge of customer preferences to inform our buying decisions. This has enabled us to deliver a clearer and more appropriate product offer. Improved visual merchandising and our new store format are also creating a better, more consistent shopping experience for M&S customers around the world.
  • Dominic Fry

    Dominic Fry

    Director of Communications and Investor Relations

    As we continue to execute our plan for M&S, we want all our stakeholders to be part of the journey. We stepped up our levels of shareholder engagement this year, enabling many of our investors to see at first hand the progress we're making, both in the UK and internationally. We are also committed to increasing the amount of company information we make available online to our stakeholders.
  • Jan Heere

    Jan Heere

    Director of International

    We have a clear plan to drive growth in our priority markets. Our multi-channel approach enables us to apply exactly the right model to each market, building positions of authority wherever we operate and strengthening relationships with our franchise partners. Our plan is being delivered by a best in class international team comprising externallysourced talent and proven M&S expertise.
  • Dirk Lembregts

    Dirk Lembregts

    Director of Supply Chain

    M&S' supply chain is the backbone of our business. This year we continued our investment in the creation of more efficient operations across the M&S supply chain. These will help us meet – and exceed – our customers' heightened expectations as the business continues to grow. The progress we have made this year will deliver significant improvements in the way we serve our customers.
  • Nayna McIntosh

    Nayna McIntosh

    Director of Store Environment and Product Presentation

    Our new-format store environment is designed to inspire and delight our customers, prompting them to take a fresh look at M&S. Our new in-store trend zones – showcasing the season's latest looks – give a great first impression and we use elements of theatre to enhance the look of our Food Halls. Our new M&S Beauty and Home departments have further strengthened our position as a specialist retailer.
  • Amanda Mellor

    Amanda Mellor

    Group Secretary and Head of Corporate Governance

    We believe that trust is established and maintained by doing things in the right way. At M&S, effective governance derives from a balance between leadership and collaboration – and we work hard to ensure this applies to all the decisions we make. Trust is cemented further through increased transparency and we have continued to become more open – both in the information we provide and the way in which we report it.
  • Darrell Stein

    Darrell Stein

    Director of IT

    Our IT infrastructure supports the whole of M&S, touching every employee across the business. This year we improved processes and drove greater efficiency through the business, embedding new Food and HR systems. We continue to create solutions that give us the necessary flexibility to meet our strategic goals, and will launch new General Merchandise systems and a multi-channel platform in the year ahead.